Project DAMA 2

Read here about Project DAMA 2, and its inclusion in the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Project Guardian


Memento Blockchain


Deutsche Bank

Contributing to Project Guardian will bolster our efforts to help shape the new frontier of asset servicing, and strongly position us to contribute to industry progress, and not only anticipate our clients’ needs but exceed their expectations.

The bank will closely work with Memento Blockchain (a decentralized finance and hyper-chain zero-knowledge specialist), with whom it previously executed the proof-of-concept DAMA 1 in 2023. These new efforts will deliver DAMA 2.

Anand Rengarajan

Head of Securities Services for Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Global Head of Sales, Deutsche Bank


Enabling Blockchain

Democratizing finance and digital asset management through

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Founded in 2017 by a team with finance and tech expertise, Memento Blockchain is specialized in blockchain-based services.

Since 2019 we have launched 4 unique retail products on 4 blockchains, as well as offering our in-house auditing and developing services.

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DOMANI is a multi-chain asset management protocol that allows users to create, mint, & manage ETF-style tokenized funds.

Live on Etherum, Avalanche and zkSync Era.

Discover DEXTF, its governance and fee token →

AlgoCellar is a digital asset management protocol on the Algorand Blockchain, fully funded through a grant by the Algorand Foundation.

Live on Algorand mainnet.

KlayCellar is the first comprehensive digital asset management protocol on the Klaytn Blockchain, made possible with the grant from the Klaytn Foundation.

Live on Klaytn mainnet.

CombSwap is a first of its kind multiswap aggregator, where users can input one token and receive many in return (and viceversa) all in one transaction.

Live on Ethereum and Avalanche.

2024 ZK Chain Roadmap

In a commitment to create a trusted and compliant environment for institutional DeFi, 2024 will be dedicated to develop a custom Zero-Knowledge L2 blockchain (ZK chain). The ZK chain leverages the ZKsync’s ZK Stack, a robust, modular and secure framework of ZK-powered components, and is part of the Elastic Chain (an ever-expanding network of ZK rollups, secured by math and natively interoperable under a uniform, intuitive UX).

This is a conjoint project with Deutsche Bank, and it is part of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Project Guardian – read the announcement here.


Dev services

  • Proven track record building secure protocols on different chains
  • Deep understanding of blockchain ecosystems and coding language required to build smart contracts 
  • Focus on what is important and leave the rest to us
  • Cut down on your development time (GTM), save on costs


  • Comprehensive smart contract auditing
  • Understanding of trust dependencies rather than single contract securities
  • Focus on development frameworks, third-party oracles, front-end interfaces, and protocol design
  • Philosophy of removing economic frictions to DeFi innovation

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Nicola Lanteri

Nicola Lanteri


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Federico Cristina

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Mario Aquino

Co-Founder & President

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Fabrizio Audisio


Marco Marchioro

Marco Marchioro


Filippo Fanin

Filippo Fanin

Co-Founder & CFO

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